Early Years

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Our Early Years programme is for children aged 3-5.

Early Years children may arrive as early as 06:30 each day and be cared for as late as 17:00 on Mondays to Thursdays. Early Years closes on Fridays at 16:30.  Click here to see the fees.

The EIS Early Years is for children with a variety of backgrounds. Some of the current children in Early Years are from the Danish community while others are from several different countries. Some speak English fluently while others join us without any English ability when they start. We aim to support the learning of all our students regardless of their starting abilities. 

Academically, children in Early Years receive a foundation in basic literacy and numeracy skills. Socially, children in Early Years learn how to play, learn and have fun with children who are “not just like them”. Wonderful friendships regularly develop from such an educational environment!

The use of theEarly Years Foundation Stage curriculum is supported by our continued implementation of the International Baccalaureate Organisation's (IBO) Primary Years Programme (PYP). As as PYP Candidate school, we believe that children should be active in the learning process and an Early Years Education lays a solid foundation for future learning. As is noted by the IBO

Research by the Centre on the Developing Child, Harvard University, also underlines the importance of preschool. It indicates that for children to reach their full potential, they need stimulating and appropriate experiences in the earliest years, when their brain is optimally programmed to benefit from these experiences. These very young learners need stimulating, supportive interactions with their peers and teachers and the effective use of curricula. Young learners are intelligent, resourceful and creative individuals who grow, develop and learn at different rates. They explore their environment and learn about their world through play and relationships with peers, teachers, family and community members. Early learning in the PYP is a holistic learning experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. In the PYP classroom, it takes place in dynamic environments that promote play, discovery and exploration.  

The Early Years routine at EIS is as follows:

Settling in activities

Structured learning activities

Snack & free play

Structured learning activities


Structured learning activities

Free play

Snack – fruit

Free play


Parents provide lunches to their own children. Under Danish law, it is required to ask all Early Years parents, or have the Board of Trustees, vote if they are interested in a lunch arrangement to be established in Early Years at Esbjerg International School. The school administration decides whom may vote. This policy is reviewed every two years. In November 2016 all board members were asked to vote on whether Esbjerg International School Early Years should adopt the lunch arrangement. All board members voted No to the Lunch Arrangement. 

Children with Special Needs

We aim to support the learning of all children in Early Years. One way we do this is by being in close communication with parents to learn as much as possible about both their child’s abilities and their challenges. Our structured teacher-led activities help staff catch on early if a child is showing difficulty in an area of his or her learning. This helps us with on-going evaluation of each child in all areas of their development with results shared in writing twice a year via our report cards. If a child shows difficulties in one or more areas of development then we will monitor this in close communication with parents. If either the teacher or the parents (or both) assess that there is a need for external guidance then we will refer the child to a municipal speech therapist, child psychologist, a physiotherapist or other relevant specialist. However, the EIS Early Years is unable to provide fixed one-on-one support for children requiring this.

Early Years Reports

We hold childrens' overall well-being in high regard. To this extent, we have surveyed Early Years children to help us assess how well we are attaining our goals. We have also surveyed Early Years staff for the same reason. You are welcome to read the results of these surveys (børnemiljørapport) by clicking here. Early Years is inspected annually by the Municipality click here to read. 

Contact us at 7610 5399 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information or if you would like to visit Early Years.

Guest students are always welcome to join usfor a day free of charge with a parent present. Contact us to schedule your visit!