• EIS teachers have an average of 9 years of teaching experience.
  • EIS started in 2008 with 3 teachers. We now have a total of 23 teachers on staff.
  • Our entire staff of 41 people represents 21 countries. As we want our staff to be as international as the students we teach, we welcome and value diversity.
  • Over one-third of our teachers holds a Master's degree.
  • Several Learning Support Assistant  are qualified teachers.
  • The average class size is 17 students.
  • We only hire faculty who are appropriately qualified.  On rare occasion, we will consider hiring the right candidate who is actively near completion of their qualification.
Name Position
Anders Højrup Property Manager
Jason Lusby Head of School
Cadia David PYP 5 HR Teacher
Jane Jensen Learning Support Assistant
Jaqueline Dyrvig Learning Support Assistant
John Michael Gornall MYG HR Teacher
Kristin Reisman PYP 3 HR Teacher
Lene Vatine EY 2 HR Teacher
Nicole Raupbach Subject Teacher (German)
Paul Reisman PYP 4 HR Teacher
Vanessa Lima VL HR Teacher
Goncalo Laourenco Rodrigues PE Teacher
Simon Petersen Subject Teacher (Danish)
Jonathon Simon PYP 4 HR Teacher
Grant Davis PYP Coordinator
Lisanne Van Noord School Counselor
Matthieu Arcade Subject Teacher (French)
Trevor Ryan PYP 5 HR Teacher
Elena Violeta Andrei Learning Support Assistant
Aurimaria Maharaj MYP Spanish Acquisition