• EIS teachers have an average of 9 years of teaching experience.
  • EIS started in 2008 with 3 teachers. We now have a total of 23 teachers on staff.
  • Our entire staff of 41 people represents 21 countries. As we want our staff to be as international as the students we teach, we welcome and value diversity.
  • Over one-third of our teachers holds a Master's degree.
  • Several Learning Support Assistant  are qualified teachers.
  • The average class size is 17 students.
  • We only hire faculty who are appropriately qualified.  On rare occasion, we will consider hiring the right candidate who is actively near completion of their qualification.
Name Position
Jonathon Simon PYP 4 Primary HR Teacher
Rebecca Dion Subject Teacher (Mathematics)
Yarrow Ulehman MYP 1 HR Teacher
Grant Davis PYP Coordinator
Nicki Zulu MYP Coordinator
Jens Vikon Albertsen Subject Teaher (Maths)
Rick Dennis PYP 4 HR Teacher
Lisanne Van Noord School Counselor
Nam Doan Dinh Subject Teacher (French)
Matthieu Arcade Subject Teacher (French)