Guest Students

Guest Student Programme
Students aged 14-16 from outside the EU who have at least an intermediate English level are welcome to join Esbjerg International School as ‘Guest Students’ for one school year. It will be a year to continue your academic development in a welcoming social environment with exciting extra-curricular and travel opportunities!

· Study period: mid-August 2017 to end of June 2018

· Our school already has students from around 40 different countries, most of whom do not speak English as a first language.

· Travel Programme:
o Semester 1: Berlin, Germany
o Semester 2: Stockholm, Sweden for Model United Nations conference (advanced English only) or London, England (Intermediate English and better)

· Other subjects studied can include:
o Mathematics
o Science
o Music
o Art & Design
o Computer Science
o Physical Education
o History & Geography
o Spanish, German and Danish

· Esbjerg International School is located in on the beautiful west coast of Denmark along the North Sea. Its long sandy beaches give cover to extensive rolling sand dunes that protect one of the greenest, and cleanest, countries you’ll ever see during the Spring and Summer months. When the leaves change colour in the Autumn, the display of colours are among the most beautiful in the world.

· We have a world-class science laboratory that is well-stocked with considerable resources. Our new music classroom is large, soundproofed and very well equipped. Our computer laboratory is equally new and has wholly new electronic equipment. Our wi-fi system is state-of-the-art with high quality coverage all throughout the school. We have large art and design facilities that combine studio space with an area for theoretical learning. Want to join a competitive sports team? We have competitive sports teams, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, cross country running and track and field, that play against other international schools both within Denmark and abroad.

· EIS is an International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) Primary Years Programme (PYP) Candidate School for students aged 3-11. Students older than 11 learn on the basis of the internationally-recognised Cambridge International Curriculum. These Secondary students can earn the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) certificate in English as a Second Language by the end of their study period at EIS. Earning the minimum of a ‘C’ letter grade meets entrance requirements at virtually all western universities around the world.

· EIS opened in 2008 with seven students and rapidly grew in both student enrolment and facilities development. Our school is located just outside the city centre of Esbjerg, a city of 75,000 residents. Esbjerg is a rising off-shore oil, wind and gas centre and is nationally known as Denmark’s Energy Metropolis. Esbjerg is a clean, safe city governed by excellent leadership at all levels.

· EIS has a large, green campus located just three kilometres from the beautiful beaches of the Danish west coast. Our campus boasts ample outdoor space for students with purpose-built learning facilities. Due to the growth in student enrolment, EIS has almost doubled the size of its facilities after completing a ca. $3.5m USD expansion in September 2016.

· Like Esbjerg, Denmark is a very prosperous country that is internationally known to be safe, clean and boasts a very high level of education among its population of 5 million citizens. Universal health care is provided free of charge to all its residents, both citizens and foreigners. Students under the age of 18 receive free dental care. The crime rate is very low as children as young as 5 are known to either bike or take the public bus themselves to school on a daily basis. Once a resident for any period of time, travel within Europe is mostly visa-free.

Continuing your education in English at EIS for one year can open many, new doors to an exciting future. EIS graduates typically continue their education by enrolling in the IB’s Diploma Programme (DP) at IB schools anywhere in the world.

Student Requirements:
· Age: 14-16
· Minimum ‘intermediate’ English ability: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is minimum equivalent to the European B1 level. This ability will be tested at the Danish embassy in Beijing. Applicants unable to pass this test will not be admitted to EIS nor will they receive a study visa to Denmark.
· Cost:
· 5,000 DKK non-refundable school application and visa fee, plus
· 115,000 DKK for tuition, accommodation, meals and administration. A non-refundable deposit of 15,000 DKK is required upon successful registration. The remaining 100,000 DKK is required before your child arrives in Denmark.
· Fees above do not include cost of flights at the beginning nor end of the study period, costs associated with field trips nor personal holiday expenses.
· Bank documentation that 75,000 DKK is at the student’s disposal at the start of the approved study period.
· Legal documentation from the guest student’s parents giving permission for their child to apply for permission to reside in Denmark as a student at Esbjerg International School for 11 months.

The DEADLINE to apply for the visa is: 15 March 2017
Expectations of Students
We seek students who are committed to improving their English and getting high grades. As such, students joining EIS are expected to:
· Work hard.
· Do their homework.
· Seek friendships with students NOT from your country
· Join school activities (sports, clubs, etc.)
· Speak English at school.
· Practice English at home with their host family but also stay in touch with their parents and friends back in your country.
· Keep their room clean as instructed by their host family,
· Prepare their own lunch for the next school day,
· Show respect for the family’s expectations and efforts to welcome their new guest,
· Make every effort to ‘join the family’ that the family might expect,
· Make every effort to speak English as much as possible at home.

Application Procedure

Before your application is accepted:
1. Apply for and pay the non-refundable school application fee and share the required bank documentation.
2. Apply/pay for the Visa:
3. Visit the Danish Embassy in your capital city, complete all paperwork and complete the language test with a passing grade.
The DEADLINE to apply for the visa is: 15 March 2017

Your application will be accepted once each of the above steps is successfully completed and your visa has been approved. Processing time for the visa is approximately 90 days after the Ministry of Immigration states it has received a fully and properly completed application. Incorrectly, or poorly, completed visa applications delay the start of this 90 day processing time.

After your application is accepted:
1. Pay the first and last months’ tuition fee.
2. Pay the first and last months’ accommodation fees to host family. You will then be put in contact with your host family.
3. You will be congratulated for your acceptance and for making a wise investment in your future!

Info for host families
Expectations of Host Families
Host families are expected to show a level of care for their host student that they would expect their own child to receive if abroad for one school year. Given the purpose of your guest student being in Esbjerg, guest families need to provide their guest student an English-speaking environment whenever reasonably possible. Further host families are expected to:
· Provide a clean, safe and furnished bedroom with all needed study amenities.
· Provide a nourishing breakfast and dinner each day.
· Be sensitive to cultural differences (language, customs, food preferences, etc.) between themselves and their guest student.
· Engage their guest student when reasonably possible
· Support their guest student’s need to study and learn English while, at the same time, showing a willingness to engage their guest student in an appropriate amount of different local (and family) events.
· Invite their guest student to local events when possible.

Financial Matters
Host families are expected to declare to the tax authorities the rental income received from their guest student. It is likely that some tax must be paid on this income though the amount paid can be relatively minimal depending on: whether the guest family owns or rents their home, the value of the owned home, the combined family income and exact amount of municipal taxes already paid. The final, and exact, amount of tax paid can, therefore, vary. The tax rate increases if your guest student stays longer than 12 months. Calculate how much tax you might pay for hosting a foreign student here:

Student Testimony Li Meng
The study experience at EIS was very impressive. I enjoyed study there. The school offers many different interesting classes and provides a great environment for students to learn English. My teachers who have taught me were so nice and kind. I believe that EIS faculty have patience to all their students. I have learned a lot during the time I studied there. I would definitely recommend EIS to all students who want to learn English. Also, it’s a great chance to have some memorable experiences. In the end, I would thank for all the help and care, it really changed my life. I cherish all the wonderful memories at EIS.

对于我来讲,在EIS的学习中最令我印象深刻的就是学校的老师与同学。 学校的整体氛围非常融洽, 我们可以从每一位老师的脸上看到他们的热情与耐心。 在EIS学习最大的收获就是英语的进步和提高, 在这所学校里,全英式教学提供一个良好的英语学习氛围,学生可以通过课堂以及日常生活愉快地学习语言。 不仅如此,学校的教学标准以及形式都非常专业,学校组织的各项活动也会成功的激发学生的各项潜能。我很感谢EIS 的老师们, 他们在我刚来到丹麦时给予了我许多关心与帮助,并且教会了我许多有趣的,有用的的知识。