Host Familes

Info for host families
Expectations of Host Families
Host families are expected to show a level of care for their host student that they would expect their own child to receive if abroad for one school year. Given the purpose of your guest student being in Esbjerg, guest families need to provide their guest student an English-speaking environment whenever reasonably possible. Further host families are expected to:
· Provide a clean, safe and furnished bedroom with all needed study amenities.
· Provide a nourishing breakfast and dinner each day.
· Be sensitive to cultural differences (language, customs, food preferences, etc.) between themselves and their guest student.
· Engage their guest student when reasonably possible
· Support their guest student’s need to study and learn English while, at the same time, showing a willingness to engage their guest student in an appropriate amount of different local (and family) events.
· Invite their guest student to local events when possible.

Financial Matters
Host families are expected to declare to the tax authorities the rental income received from their guest student. It is likely that some tax must be paid on this income though the amount paid can be relatively minimal depending on: whether the guest family owns or rents their home, the value of the owned home, the combined family income and exact amount of municipal taxes already paid. The final, and exact, amount of tax paid can, therefore, vary. The tax rate increases if your guest student stays longer than 12 months. Calculate how much tax you might pay for hosting a foreign student here: