Welcome to EIS!


Esbjerg International School prides itself for having a dynamic learning culture. I am very proud of the achievements made by the students, teachers, parents and board members at our young school. Our mission is, "to create life-long learners who have the tools needed for a successful future as respectful and responsible citizens in local and global citizens in local and global societies.

EIS offers its students excellent preparation for their next schools, universities, and careers. The Cambridge International Curriculum ensures that our students can transfer and continue their learning anywhere in the world without disadvantage. Indeed, annual Cambridge exam results show that our students have received world class results by studying at Esbjerg International School.

Achieving world class exam results is not the only way we know EIS offers a great education. Our Primary students' International Primary Curriculum projects give them excellent opportunities to apply the skills and content learned from the Cambridge International Curriculum in an authentic, problem-solving manner.

The faculty at EIS is adept at successfully challenging ALL students. Our teachers aim to ensure student receives regular individual attention.

There is great diversity in our school community. Indeed, we have a respectful, multicultural environment with a firm commitment to effective communication between parents, teachers and students.

I am confident newcomers will be happy they joined our school community. Feel free to contact me should you wish to learn more about our school.

Sincere Regards,

Timothy Veale